Public and Private Events

After receiving your booking I will determine your specific tastes, needs and wishes. Then we chat, discuss schedules and quality of ingredients. After that, I will send you menu suggestions for review and selection.

Now you make the executive decision from the options, and proceed to.

On the agreed day, expect me to come from 3-6 h before supper time. If you’re not home please make sure someone will open the door.

At the end kitchen is left as it was found, or maybe even cleaner.

Restaurant Advisor

Is your restaurant non profitable? Better call Tiago!

Let's sit and find out what is the real problem. You’re probably spending too much money feeding your staff, having a bad schedule management, or you just think that working 7 days a week is the way to go in the summer. Maybe you just trying to do everything and are slowly losing identify and energy.

Believe me, recovery is more important than endurance.

I’m here to help!


For wedding hosting, only in Ibiza and Azores I can take care of everything from finding the place, building the team to entertainment.

To cook at a wedding outside of Ibiza or any of the Azores island, I can only be in charge of the food.

Worldwide Private Chef

This particular service has to be visited for each different request.

Each detail from where we travel, were I stay, how long am I working, and how we traveling will all affect the overall budget.

Healing Retreats

I’ve been hosting lots of retreats and ceremonies from healing to flying in Ibiza. I am extremely happy to channel my positive energy into all these superfoods, along with all the amazing spices and fruits we can find in Ibiza.

I promise that you’ll feel much lighter and happy with this kind of diet.


I have the SCTW 1 license, which allows me to be the Chef of your Yacht for as long as you’ll like, and at any part of the world.

A little more information

What other services do I get from hiring a personal chef?
People think that a personal chef’s job is only to prepare food. However, you’d be happy to know that I am also in charge of preparing the menu, shopping for the necessary ingredients, preparing for service, cooking, and serving your meals. Ideally, I will prepare your food on site. However, you also have the option to have the food delivered to your home. Because you’ll be working with professionals, I will make sure that I leave your kitchen squeaky clean and the way it was before they arrived.
Isn’t hiring a personal chef expensive?
When you hire a chef, you’ll notice that their price is equivalent to when you dine in at a restaurant. Based on your preferences and menu, the prices that your chef will offer may vary. But you shouldn’t worry because this is still an affordable option, especially when you focus on convenience and experience.
Is their menu customizable?
One of the best things about hiring a personal chef is that they can cater to your needs and build a menu based on your requests and preferences. Usually, your chef will ask you more about your event, what food you want to be served, and your dietary restrictions. The great thing about hiring a private chef is that they will make adjustments to their recipes based on your requests to ensure that you have a pleasant dining experience in your home.
Are you going to do all this by yourself?
For services over 10pax, usually there is a need of a kitchen helper/waiter. All services will be discussed according to your wishes, but usually all services under 10pax are taken care of by me. In the need of renting cutlery, plateware of kitchen ware, all costs should be covered by the costumer
When and where will the chef prepare my meals?
It is highly recommended that i’ll prepares all your meals on site. However, you can also opt for food delivery. It’s better to have your chef prepare your meals in your kitchen because it adds to the experience. Chefs are extremely passionate and love to share their knowledge of food with other people.

When i’m at your home, you can expect that i’ll leave you and your guest with a memorable experience through the interactions that can happen in your space.